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    Company “ARMADA-GROUP” offers a comprehensive system of after-sales service for Russian-made helicopter equipment.

    Helicopter maintenance is a prerequisite for the modern helicopter market.



    ARMADA group of companies conducted research of the service industry and, based on the experience of the world's leading aircraft companies, developed its own after-sales service program, striving to provide high-quality helicopter equipment service throughout the entire life cycle thereof.



    Within the framework of an integrated after-sales service system, ARMADA group of companies provides a full range of services, combined with an impeccable level of service, which help helicopter owners operate the aircraft comfortably and safely.

    The service package includes:

    • information support for the operator;
    • registration and re-registration of the aircraft;
    • obtaining airworthiness certificates;
    • maintenance and repair of helicopters, warranty maintenance;
    • supply of aviation technical equipment;
    • revisions of the ballots;
    • installation of additional equipment.
    For information on the completeness of the comprehensive after-sales service portfolio of Russian-made civil aviation helicopter equipment, send us a brief (form), after which we will contact you and make an offer.