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  • Recovery of technical documentation


    Forms and passports are an integral part for any aviation technical product. They are compiled at the manufacturing plants and certify that the aircraft (engine, unit) and its equipment are manufactured and mounted in accordance with the drawings and specifications, accepted by the Quality Control Department and the customer, and recognized as fit for use.

    Forms and passports are the main documents that contain information on the operating time of the product in various modes, the operating time, the performance of scheduled and repair works, the completed improvements, the changes made to the equipment, and other works performed on the aviation technical assets during operation.


    Often, many of the aviation technical assets offered for sale do not have a full set of technical documentation, as a rule, these are products that are stored for a long time, which lost documents during transportation or for other reasons, as well as many products that were in use.

    In such cases, the product cannot find its buyer for a long time due to the lack of reliable information, or the seller has to significantly lower the cost of the product.

    ARMADA group of companies offers its services in the field of restoring forms and passports, as well as other technical documentation that is necessary for the operation or sale of the product.


    Step 1
    The customer shall send an official request by e-mail, which should contain the name of the product, the decimal number of the product, the serial number of the product, and the attached photos with the image of the serial number of the product.
    Step 2
    The specialist of ARMADA group of companies shall determine the type of product, the manufacturer of the product and shall contact the archive of the enterprise.
    Step 3
    The customer shall receive a commercial quotation describing the restoration procedure.
    Step 4
    We conclude an agreement for the restoration of the documentation, the customer pays for the service.
    Step 5
    A specialist of ARMADA group of companies will restore the documentation together with the archive of the manufacturer.
    Step 6
    The restored document package is sent to the customer.