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    Remotorization is the process of replacing power units with a modified (improved) engine.
    Company “ARMADA-GROUP”  offers Russian-made helicopter equipment operators a multifunctional program for upgrading helicopter power plants by replacing exhausted engines with new engines of ТВ3-117/ВК-2500 family.

    The program of power plants remotorization will provide helicopter equipment operators with fundamentally new opportunities for the operation thereof, and will provide higher operational characteristics.


    • to increase capacity in emergency mode;
    • to ensure the maintenance of modes in a wider range of outdoor temperatures;
    • to increase resources;
    • to increase fuel economy.


    Remotorization of power plants is the best solution from both technical and economic points of view. Remotorization significantly improves the basic flight characteristics of the aircraft. This is the way that will allow helicopter operators to extend the service life, thereby making it possible to remain on the market for as long as possible.

    Company “ARMADA-GROUP has a great number of specialists in the audit, repair and maintenance of helicopter engines.