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    Among the factors that have a significant impact on keeping the airworthiness of the aircraft is the adopted procedure for establishing and extending resources and service lives for all types of them: those assigned before the first repair and between repairs.

    ARMADA group of companies promotes the arrangement of the extension of resources and service life, improvements to the bulletins of civil aviation aircraft, the arrangement of the audit, evaluation and extension of resources (service life) of units, parts and spare parts for aircraft.

    The company also offers assistance in obtaining official bulletins from design bureaus, research institutes, manufacturing plants of the CIS countries. Revisions to the bulletins and design documentation of the developers are carried out with the aim of maintaining and improving the tactical, technical and operational characteristics, increasing reliability and eliminating the design and production deficiencies of aircraft in operation.



    The technology of individual extension of the resource and (or) the service life of a particular aircraft in an aviation enterprise is as follows. When working out one or all resource parameters (flight hours, flights, or the calendar service life), the aviation engineering service of the aviation enterprise makes a preliminary assessment of the economic and technical feasibility of extending the resource and (or) the service life of a particular aircraft.

    If there is the technical and economic feasibility of the proposed extension of the resource and (or) the service life of a particular aircraft, the aviation engineering service of the aviation enterprise makes a request for works to be performed on the proposed extension to the address of the aircraft type developer, relevant civil aviation research institutes and enterprises - the manufacturer or the aircraft repair enterprise (if the overhaul resource, the overhaul calendar service life of the aircraft is extended). At the same time, basic information about the aircraft, information on the previous period of operation and the desired parameters to extend the resource (or) service life are indicated.

    The aircraft developing company, together with the relevant civil aviation research institutes, provide the operator with an expert opinion on the conditions and possibilities for the proposed extension of the resource and (or) service life of the particular aircraft and (if agreed with the operator) prepares an individual aircraft technical condition research program. The purpose of the program is to determine the possibility of individual extension (assigned, overhaul, in flight hours, in flights) and (or) the service life (assigned, overhaul) of a particular aircraft and the conditions for working out the resource in operation.



    If there is a work program to individually extend the resource and (or) service life of the aircraft, the airline operating company prepares evidence for a specific aircraft. The structure of the documentation includes: information on operation: the presence of abrupt landings, special flight conditions, getting into a turbulent atmosphere; certificates on the implementation of industry bulletins and instructions of the federal air transport authority; references on the results of decoding flight information for the considered period of aircraft operation. To study the technical condition of the aircraft, specialists from the developing company, relevant research institutes, manufacturer of the aircraft, or the organization for the repair of aircraft equipment (in case of prolongation of the overhaul life, overhaul calendar service life) are involved to ensure a comprehensive approach to the development, final determination of the possibility to extend the resource and/or service life of a specific aircraft instance.

    Based on the results of the works performed on the aircraft, an "Aircraft Technical Condition Assessment Report" is drawn up, which is signed by all direct participants in the study of the technical condition of a particular aircraft, then it is agreed with the technical director of the manufacturer or aircraft repair organization, and is approved by the territorial air transport authority.