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  • Aircrafts for civil aviation

    The main activities of ARMADA group of companies are aimed at the supply of aviation technical equipment of Russian-made helicopter equipment and civil aviation.


    Being particularly specialized in foreign economic activity, supplying the main components and assemblies, transmission elements for MI-8, MI-17, MI-171 helicopters and their modifications, KA-32, MI-26 helicopters, as well as IL and AN Russian-made brands, we have become a leader in the industry, having formed our own unique service, which is an effective advantage that distinguishes us from other companies.

    ARMADA Group of Companies supplies aviation technical equipment of the first and second categories. We focus on the sale of aviation technical products after overhaul repairs, as well as products from the repair fund. The company also leases aviation technical equipment, sells navigation aids and control gears, and supplies modernization kits for performing work on service ballots.


    ARMADA group of companies cooperates with more than 100 manufacturers of aviation technical products, has personal relations with the main manufacturers of aircraft.

    Cooperating with recognized players, as well as with new market participants, operators all around the world, we investigated and studied the problem of keeping helicopter technology airworthy.  This allowed us to develop our own service for the supply of aviation technical equipment, thanks to which the operator or agent receives the maximum, fast and profitable result.


    The management of ARMADA group of companies has not only business, but also personal relations with top managers of manufacturers, repair and financial organizations. Using the Administrative Resource of the company as a factor in increasing the efficiency of our activity allows us to receive information about market changes in time, which fact allows us to immediately respond to them by developing new, convenient tools for acquiring aviation technical equipment. In addition, it is the use of the Administrative Resource that allows us to be an independent supplier.

    The developed infrastructure of the company allows us to provide the customers with a full cycle of services related to the acquisition, storage, delivery of acquired property.

    The founding fathers, aviators, senior colleagues with vast experience, often said:


    This expression is our social status and credo of ARMADA group of companies.