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  • Arrangement of repair works at the premises of the customer and at the place of operation of the aircraft



    ARMADA group of companies cooperates with more than 30 repair enterprises in Russia and more than 10 service centers providing airworthiness to Russian helicopters all around the world.

    Thanks to this large-scale program, ARMADA group of companies is ready to ensure efficient maintenance and modernization of the helicopter at the place of operation.

    This unique approach significantly reduces helicopter downtime, thereby saving the operator’s money, and also helps to minimize costs due to repair in a short time.



    ARMADA group of companies organizes and forms repair crews, consisting of certified specialists of aircraft repair plants for repairs at the premises of the customer or at the place of operation of the aircraft.

    Our professional and technical potential allows the company to receive huge advantages, including:

    • technical independence,
    • quality control of all processes,
    • own pricing policy for maintenance and repair,
    • prompt replacement of units, routine repairs and operational damages,
    • the ability to involve third-party customers,
    • an integrated approach to the maintenance and repair logistics.

    Regular interaction with service centers, manufacturers and operators allows ARMADA group of companies to solve any problems:

    • technical audit and assessment of aviation technology,
    • consultations on maintenance and repair,
    • fault detection and repair calculation,
    • after-sales service for helicopters.

    Arrangement of repair works at the premises of the customer and at the place of operation of the aircraft makes it possible to perform:

    1. Local repair;

    2. Repair of airframe components and units;

    3. Implementation of ballots at the premises of the customer;

    4. Performance of works on setting up and adjusting the units of helicopter systems.



    Using an effective complex approach by ARMADA group of companies for the maintenance and modernization of helicopters at the place of operation or at the premises of the customer, allows operators to quickly solve production problems at a high professional level, keeping helicopters airworthy.