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  • Aircraft pilots, crew and engineering training (for aircrafts of Russian production)

    The system of vocational training for flight staff and technical staff is an essential factor in increasing the level of flight safety and aircraft operation.

    Training of flight and engineering staff is carried out with the purpose of correct and safe operation of Russian-made helicopters and advanced training.



    ARMADA group of companies arranges the training of aviation and technical staff, completing the task both in the operator’s territory or in the flight test base, and in the flight technical centers of Russia, involving highly qualified instructor pilots and specialists from licensed aviation enterprises.

    Practical training of aviation staff can be carried out in the territory of the customer using aircraft and technical training equipment supplied to the customer under contracts.

    In our practice, we actively use the experience of leading Russian and foreign companies in the field of advanced training methods, further training and retraining of staff, as well as support technologies for the efficient production systems.



    ARMADA group of companies cooperates with more than 20 leading educational centers and universities of Russia, as well as with foreign colleagues.

    Today, specialists of ARMADA group of companies, together with a leading Russian institute, are developing their own interactive online training and retraining of flight staff.



    ARMADA group of companies offers the arrangement of training and retraining of civil aviation specialists in the following areas:

    • Flight safety specialists
    • Flight staff
    • Command and flight instructors
    • Flight attendants and transportation management personnel
    • Retraining and advanced training of flight staff by type of aircraft
    • Training for foreign types of aircraft
    • Engineering staff
    • Flying on local airlines
    • Training of flight crew members of other types of aviation
    • Search, rescue and aviation security specialists in air transport
    • Commercial aviation pilots
    • Aviation fuel supply specialists
    • Training of civil aviation inspectors
    • Initial training and advanced training for teachers of aviation training centers


    ARMADA group of companies is able to arrange a full cycle of training services, starting with the selection of a course, arrangement of training, ending with the selection of a place to stay.

    The variety of tasks and accumulated experience allows us to adjust the systems and technologies of ARMADA group of companies to the specific tasks of the customer’s enterprise.