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    Dear Investors,

    Armada group of companies offers you cooperation in the field of investment in the high-tech real economic sector. For this purpose, we have developed four investment programs:

    "Short" money
    This is an investment in a single transaction, with the terms of participation from two to four months. At that, the investor earns up to 25% of the invested amount after the implementation of the project.
    Leasing programs
    Investment periods - from one to three years. In this case, the investor earns up to 27% per annum. Payments are made monthly.
    Strategic Investor
    The program is designed for the category of investors who want to participate in long-term projects, startups of Armada group of companies, and also for those who want to become direct partners of the owners of Armada.
    The program is designed for specialized companies who want to combine resources for scaling a business.
    The purpose of attracting investments:
    1. First of all, we earn more.
    2. Expansion of the target market.
    3. Increase in working capital.
    4. Scaling and increasing brand loyalty.
    5. Strengthening the brand.
    6. The ability to take part in global tenders for the supply.
    7. An opportunity to develop additional directions, startups.
    Requirements for the investor.

    Yes, it’s exactly the requirements, because we respect ourselves and value our time, and we won’t let any company resources be wasted. Therefore, after meeting by exclusively business correspondence or discussing the details by phone, we briefly outline the essence of our proposals, specify the amount of investment and the investment program.

    If our relations strengthen and the investor interest grows, we ask you to provide a bank statement or otherwise confirm the real availability of funds. Using the established rules, we save time, and as you know time is money, and this is no longer a saying.

    Further, we conclude a confidentiality agreement with those who came on business, and disclose them the essence of the transaction. All that is necessary is to agree and make money together.

    Sincerely, Evgeny Chernov

    P.S. In any case, the first question you have is: “Can I trust Armada?” And this is absolutely normal, we think the same. At the same time, we believe that it is pointless to describe the arguments why we can be trusted using the template phrases “we have something to lose” or “we have already invested so much”. Because we are realists, I repeat, we value our time and we know how everything happens in practice.